Sunday, November 8, 2009

How do you spell GRACE?

Wow, is it November already? Great!

We spent the month of October taking turns fighting off a cold, which has made school a bit challenging. We've had sick days, whiny days and days of exhaustion... and that was just ME. LOL. It sure is hard to enjoy reading aloud to the boys when every sentence makes you cough! Fortunately, we have been sneaking other school work in, using the previously mentioned tactics so we are not as behind as we feel we are.

My big concern was that the area that was hardest to keep up with was our reading work... Since Ian is new to reading, and the curriculum is more advanced, it has required me "tweaking" some of the activities, adding in some extra work for reinforcement. How difficult would it be to pick up where we left off? What would Ian remember? Turns out, quite a lot! And it seems that he actually has improved. How is that possible? :) Maybe we are sneaking in more than we realize.... Or maybe he is connecting the dots on his own without my realizing it. And maybe it is just another way that God is pouring out his grace on our lives! I'm hoping it's all of the above, because as of this weekend, we are fighting colds again. :/