Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Unschooling or How I Sneak School into Sick Days.

So here in our little Homeschool Academy, we've been ill for the last 3 days. First it was the boys, and now I've also succumbed to the ick. So I've been (with some level of anxiety) taking a break from our "official curriculum". I figure, you know, there is such a thing as a sick day. Let's show the Kindergartener a little compassion, right? And if I have a migraine and am nauseous, we're also not having school, and that too is showing compassion to the Kindergartener. LOL...

Anyway, we have been sneaking some unofficial school stuff in.
  • We did a bit of reading in The Boxcar Children, and a little handwriting on Monday.
  • I also had been away for the weekend and Dad had read out of The Boxcar Kids, so I asked Ian to tell me about the story that I missed. He did a really good job of recounting it!
  • Also we went to the library yesterday and he spent some time on the computer there, doing some puzzles.
  • I found a neat little phonics book at the library, that we looked at today.
  • We took out the Leapfrog Talking Words Factory from the library and spent time watching that today. Ian was thrilled that he could read all the words that rhyme with "at", and I think he learned a few more.
  • In the bath, I broke out the bathtub crayons and we practiced writing our last name, and did some artwork.
  • Ian colored a postcard for his cousin's birthday, and wrote a message on the back.
  • We started taking part in Sonlight's OneVerse project, which teaches kids about other cultures and the difference having a Bible makes in the lives of people.

And so, even though I feel like I'm now behind with the homeschool timeline, I can at least feel that Ian is still learning. And thus, I have salved my conscious for the day. :)


  1. Hope you are all on the mend and feeling better! Tell me about the Boxcar Children book. Riley has gotten into the Magic Tree House books. Hope school is going well for Ian....they could have been in school together. :(

  2. I am feeling better, thanks! :) The Boxcar Children is pretty cool. I didn't realize it, but it's actually one in a series of books. The kids (in this book) are kind of hiding out from a Grandfather they have never met. They live in an abandoned boxcar. The oldest boy is taking care of the 3 younger siblings by doing odd jobs for a Doctor, but in the end they meet their Grandfather and find out he's actually a nice and fun guy. That's it in a nutshell. Ian loves it.

    How far have you gotten in the Magic Tree House books? We borrowed the books on tape to listen to over the summer. I think we got books 1-8. We all really enjoyed them, but I was kind of disturbed that the "owner" of the treehouse turned out to be Morgan LeFey... the witch from Arthur's time. I started getting a little concerned with the storylines after that. I'd like to go thru them on my own to the end and see where they were going with that. Anyway, I'd love to hear your thoughts on that sometime.

    Ian is doing so much better this year than last year! What a difference a year makes! So cool. At our co-op at Grace, he's been signed up for classes in Logic, Science, Reading and Tae Kwon Do. He's having a blast. :)