Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Art experiments

Yay! Finally found the camera cables, so now I can get serious about posting pictures of some of our projects. :)

I just LOVE art! If there's one thing I wish we did more of around here, it would be art. Today we are all feeling less than 100% and I had a light school day planned anyway, so we focused most of the morning on an art project. I'm not sure that was what I was thinking it would be, but that's what it evolved into and I was thrilled. :)

My initial idea was simple. I brought out some old styrofoam egg cartons, and partially - cuz I'm not crazy! - filled them with water. Then I brought out the food coloring, which is always a big hit no matter what we do with it! The idea was that we would color the water with blue, red and yellow food coloring and then use eye droppers, medicine droppers, etc to move the colors to other parts of the carton and make new colors.

WELL! I should point out that Shane-3yo was pleased as punch just to move the clear water around from egg holder chamber to egg holder chamber. (You KNOW that there is surely a word for the little individual chambers that hold the eggs, don't you?!! I'm going to call it a cup, just to preserve my sanity.) Apparently little medicine droppers are a lot of fun all by themselves. So when I added some food coloring, he was over the moon! And he proceeded to make various shades of brown for the next hour or so! His big brother, was a lot more thoughtful in his designing of colors. We had a blast.

I brought out paintbrushes and gave the boys some white paper to experiment with, and that was such a hit, that I decided to try experimenting with dripping food color and water on coffee filters, and that was a lot of fun too! We got to watch how the colors spread out and changed, and decided that most of these food color drips ended up looking like a chinese dragon, if we would just leave it alone, which of course we couldn't. LOL... Next time, I am SO going to make my own art, so I can at least have my way with one project! :)

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